3D Animal Crossing Models

I’m pleased to announce that, a mere hour ago, we added a new project to our site: 3D Animal Crossing Models. Using the same tech we used to dismantle the pokémon games and give you over 500 Nintendo-approved pokemon models, we’ve been able to extract and decrypt the models from various Animal Crossing games and provide them to you – free of charge, of course.

Because of Animal Crossing’s high reliability on Player Generated Content (textures made during runtime etc…), there was an awful lot of data to sift through in order to get to them. It’s down to this that we’ve simply got too many models to organize and package up in order for you to download them easily. Instead, we’ll be phasing the package launches so the moment the next one is ready, it’s put up for download  (instead of you having to wait until they’re ALL ready).

Our first package available to download now is every single pre-made hat, cap, head accessory or generic hair-make-betterer (including feathers) that we could find from the games: in fact, there’s 130 of them ready, right now to download in one handy 17MB zip file. Download THAT badboy on the project’s hats page, check out the main project page HERE, ‘like’ us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, subscribe on Youtube, then go outside and tell your friends in real life!

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Minecraft-Compatable Files Added to Pokémon Models

The upload is complete, the files are ready: I’ve added .schematic files – suitable for Minecraft – to every model in the Pokemon models database:

Each schematic file – Which can now be found in the ‘Minecraft’ folder of each download – comes in 3 flavors: Small, Medium and Large. Small schematic files have a low resolution but the model is quite small, Medium schematic files have a medium resolution, and are fairly big, whereas Large files are at the finest resolution possible without making them too big to import into minecraft.

For comparison, here’s Digglet’s small model:

Download the Digglet 3D model for Minecraft here!

The Digglet 3D model, in it’s Minecraft (.schematic) format

To put it into perspecive on how large, large is, when imported at sea-level, these models will go up to the sky limit, at 254 blocks high. I tried it with the Arceus one, and it’s immense:

Download 3D Pokémon models for minecraft here!

The large Minecraft version of Arceus.


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Poképark 2 Models (Bits of Generation 5) Now Ready For Download

I’ve just finished extracting and uploading an additional 81 Models (Consisting of 62 Pokémon, 59 of which are from Gen 5), which are now ready to download as a blend, obj and .x (Compatable with Blender, MikuMikuDance) from the models database at http://roestudios.co.uk/project/3d-pokemon-models/. It includes everyone’s favorites (unless you’re a genwonner), Axew, Sawk, Oshawott, Zoroak… Full list is below!

Subscribe to be the first to know when this database is updated again, Share the word with the buttons below, Like this page, and visit my pokemon modelling tutorials at http://www.youtube.com/user/RootOfEvilStudios

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You’re all expecting a MegaPokemon model announcement…


I’ve added audio to the pokémon models now!

Okay, so I know it’s not the announcement that I’ve got the MegaPokemon models, and I know that it’s disappointing, but right now I don’t even have anything official to work with on the Mega front. The games aren’t even out yet. And ROEStudios will only ever deal in the official material from the official games.

So, instead, I’ve managed to extract the send-out sounds from each Pokémon model in the ‘Battle Revolutions’ game. That’s pretty much it. The download page is where it’s always at: http://roestudios.co.uk/project/3d-pokemon-models

Rest assured, I AM working on getting more models and cracking the 3DS storage, so stay tuned!

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Site Update: Better, Less Annoying Subscriptions

ROEStudios is a mish-mash of cool projects, and it’s perfectly reasonable that you might not be interested in all of them. So why should you have be subscribed to the entire site, when in reality you can subscribe to just what matters to you?

Thanks to the latest site update, you can now manage your email subscriptions to include only the posts that you’re interested in: If you’re waiting for kinectemon but don’t want to know about punishmental or the 3D models, you can just unsubscribe from those!

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More Pokemon Models Added! (And Shinys!)

283 pokemon that previously were not in the 3D Pokemon Models page have been added, and most of the other 201 have been improved to include their shiny state and a convert into the .blend format!

So, in other words, there are now a whopping 484 Pokemon now available for download!

Which means that ROEStudios is now the #1 place for 3D pokemon models! All zip files will include at least a fully textured, OBJ format 3D model of the pokemon (complete with MTL file), with most also containing a .Blend file of it’s normal form and it’s shiny form!

Download individually at the 3D Pokemon Models page or download all of them in one handy zip by clicking the button below!

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Pokemon Models Re-vamped

I’ve just fixed all the broken pokemon models that didn’t actually contain anything. I’ve also fixed the textures so now MOST of them should be in the right place. If it’s not (Main body & eyes swapped around etc…), just edit the material and assign the correct texture map. No UVs to mess around with, just click to the correct images.

Download ‘em all now with the button below:

Or if you only want to download individual ones, try here:

>>> Download Pokemon Models <<<

I’ll be making a tutorial, but if you’ve got a suggestion or fault to report, email me at pkmnmodels@roestudios.co.uk or use the comments below!

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ROEStudios Website Online

So, I’ve put the official Root Of Evil Studios website online. You can find it at www.roestudios.net or www.roestudios.co.uk, as you probably know.

As for the name, well, it’s simple. Most people associate a studio as being a place where films or stuff like that is made, but the technical definition is a place where people are encouraged to be creative and try new things, which suits this site just fine. As I start adding things, you’ll get to see all the projects I’ve done and am still working on, as well as download any resources you might want to try for yourself.

To keep with the spirit of improvement, if you have any suggestions for improvements to the site, email thesite@roestudios.co.uk with your suggestion. Have a project you’d like to have featured or want me to try out? Email projects@roestudios.co.uk and I’ll do my best!

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