Site Update: Better, Less Annoying Subscriptions

ROEStudios is a mish-mash of cool projects, and it’s perfectly reasonable that you might not be interested in all of them. So why should you have be subscribed to the entire site, when in reality you can subscribe to just what matters to you?

Thanks to the latest site update, you can now manage your email subscriptions to include only the posts that you’re interested in: If you’re waiting for kinectemon but don’t want to know about punishmental or the 3D models, you can just unsubscribe from those!


The new subscription service is available using the form below or throughout any site interface:

[mailpress mailinglist=’id’ newsletter=’0′]

Let me know your thoughts as always at!


This system is NOT compatable with the previous subscription system – your existing accounts (all 9 of you :/) will NOT be migrated. You will still get updates, but they won’t be filtered to your liking. In order to take advantage of the new system, please unsubscribe from any current ROEStudios subscriptions (which were managed by WordPress, not ROEStudios) and use the form above (or anywhere else on the site) to re-register with the new system.