StopIT (Stop I.T) is a mini-application designed to stop unauthorized access to a computer while the owner is away, by the use of a physical key (USB Stick, SD Card). Removing any drive containing the Key file will activate one of two user-settable defenses:

  • Screen Lock: Disables the computer entirely until the key is inserted again. Warning message and password override are shown
  • Process Kill: Stops a user-defined list of processes if the key isn’t present. Processes can’t be restarted until the key is inserted again

StopIT runs in the tray and will never use less than 2% of CPU and 2% of RAM, and is therefore one of the least intensive – but most secure – programs of it’s kind to date. StopIT can be set to run on startup at the click of a button.



NOTE: I give no warranty of any kind that this software will fend off 100% of access attempts. I can’t be held liable if access was gained by government agents, manipulation of an unreported bug or a weak back-up password was used.