StopIT (Stop I.T) is a mini-application designed to stop unauthorized access to a computer while the owner is away, by the use of a physical key (USB Stick, SD Card). Removing any drive containing the Key file will activate one of two user-settable defenses:

  • Screen Lock: Disables the computer entirely until the key is inserted again. Warning message and password override are shown
  • Process Kill: Stops a user-defined list of processes if the key isn’t present. Processes can’t be restarted until the key is inserted again

StopIT runs in the tray and will never use less than 2% of CPU and 2% of RAM, and is therefore one of the least intensive – but most secure – programs of it’s kind to date. StopIT can be set to run on startup at the click of a button.



NOTE: I give no warranty of any kind that this software will fend off 100% of access attempts. I can’t be held liable if access was gained by government agents, manipulation of an unreported bug or a weak back-up password was used.

I fund all these projects myself, and while they are not in themselves particularly expensive, It does eat up a bit of my time. If you used a resource from my site, and you'd like to say thanks, you can do that in the comments, but If you'd like to do more than that, you can use the donate button below to donate via paypal :) Please only donate if you're 100% satisfied, and if you're not, please, just email me!
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