When I was 12-16, I was in an after school club where we built rockets. These aren’t bottle-rockets. Theise are full blown, Potassium Nitrate & Blackpowder, 1000ft, 100mph, rockets. I was in a team with Corey Frogatt, Ronan Swift, Samantha Ramsey and Greg Bulmer. Here’s just a few pics of what went down:

The early rockets used Estas D-12 engines and could get up to a height of 1000ft, as proved when Ronan made one that dissapeared into the sky for over a minute then caused a small earthquake when it landed, buried the altimeter in the grass and called out the police helicopter.

The rocket in "Plain Rocket Launch A"

The rocket in “Plain Rocket Launch A”

The early tests were fun, because onely one of us had any idea of what was going on.

One of the early launches, hence why it's going off at an extreme angle

One of the early launches, hence why it’s going off at an extreme angle


We finally found out what to do though. This was my final and most successful rocket, Black Death. It delivered eggs to heights of 800ft and back again safely from 3 Estas D12s. I adapted it to carry a camera, and we went and won 3rd in the national competitions. When the competition was using carbon fiber and this was just a toilet roll with fire coming out of the bottom, It wasn’t bad at all.

The third launch of "Black Death", equipped with camera slot but not used

The third launch of “Black Death”, equipped with camera slot but not a camera


I fund all these projects myself, and while they are not in themselves particularly expensive, It does eat up a bit of my time. If you used a resource from my site, and you'd like to say thanks, you can do that in the comments, but If you'd like to do more than that, you can use the donate button below to donate via paypal :) Please only donate if you're 100% satisfied, and if you're not, please, just email me!
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