Punishmental 4.4

This page contains a download to the unrestricted version of Punishmental 4.4 (AKA Punishmental 4.4a). This version is NOT available on bukkit dev as…

The real reason that your file was rejected is because your plugin is able to crash clients. That is not allowed on BukkitDev. Please remove that and resubmit it for approval. – BukkitDev Admib


Click the button below to download:


This version of the plugin includes the following changed from Punishmental 4.3

  • FIXED White-out bug when changing player’s speed
  • FIXED failsafe not deactivating
  • ADDED feature to turn punishment levels off
  • ADDED IDTheft Punishment – Scrabmles the player’s name every time they move
  • ADDED Wrong Punishment – Renames all the stuff in their inventory to the wrong names
  • ADDED Useless Punishment – Renames all the stuff in their inventory to ‘Useless’
  • ADDED Crash Punishment – Crashed the players client (and made it require a restart)
  • Updated plugin to 1.6.4 (Bukkit build used 1.6.4 R0.1, should work with higher CraftBukkit Builds)