Punishmental 4.0


To download this version of punishmental, please go to the bukkitdev download page

To download the source, click the button below.


  • Tidied up code immensely – file now has over 100 less lines of code!
  • Made compatible with builds up to 1.5.1
  • Added ‘FakeOp’ punishment – Sends the player a fake “You are now an Op!” message
  • Added ‘White’ punishment – Switches the player into a white texture pack
  • Improved ‘Reverse’, ‘Slow’ and ‘Freeze’ punishments – Now using 100% native API methods!

Both downloads come with no warranty, and are licensed as per bukkit guidelines (GPL). If you do anything with them, I’d like credit, and if you do anything commercial with them, I’d appreciate a donation or something, but other than that, use as you wish at your own caution :)