Punishmental Minecraft Plugin

Punishmental is a plugin for Minecraft servers that allows server mods (or those with permissions) to punish players in a veriaty of funny/evil ways, from throwing them into the sky, making everyone invisible to them or exploding them, to making them blind, drunk, poisoned… anything you can think of. There’s a list of Punishments you may want to use below.


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Check out the HELP page!


Punishment Description
fall Kills the player by dropping them from block 200
explode Detonates the player in an explosion, ‘spontaneous internal human combustion’ style
strike Hits the player with a lightning bolt
burn Sets the player on fire
hounds Releases a wolf next to the player
end Kills the player with no apparent cause – also ends any infinite punishment
infall Makes the player fall constantly without ever touching the ground
Creeper Spawns a creeper next to player
web Webbing: Surrounds the player with webs, slowing their movement (undo any damage done by this by doing “/punish restore”)
void Void: Teleports the user to the void
invoid Infinite Void: Teleports the user to the void and maintains their health, making them stuck
lavablock The next block the player destroys becomes lava
hole Digs a 25 block deep hole underneath the player, dropping them to their death
teleport Teleports the player to a random location, distance set by config file
freeze Freezes the player in place – they can’t move or interact until ended
irongolem an irongolem is spawned behind the player, set to target them
fexplode Same as explode, but with health targets and no environment damage
fstrike Same as strike, but with health targets and no environment damage
hailfire Throws a fireball from the sky at the player
blind Reduces the players view to about 3 blocks, after which it fades to black
drunk Makes the player’s view turn wobbly and unstable. Very Confusing
starve Makes the players hunger bar enter the “Starved” stage
slow Halves the players normal moment speed
poison Makes the player poisoned
strip Removes all the players items
nether Teleports the player to a random spot in the nether (note that while this won’t teleport them inside a wall etc… this may be above lava)
floorportal Turns the ground underneath the player into a portal
chatroll Makes the player say the text you put >ADD TEXT TO SAY AFTER DELAY, in [special arguments]< (If this confuses you, see the CHAT punishment)
Glass Teleports the player to a glass platform in the sky
shoot Fires the player up into the sky (explosion-style)
babble Makes the player’s speech an incoherent jumble of letters (other chat-reading plugins interfere with this punishment in 2.91)
Paranoia Plays various noises to the player at random times and locations – My favorite
spin Rotates the player 180 degrees
Unaware Makes the player no longer see other players
Leveldown Puts the player back to level zero.
Annoy Sends out a villager targeted at them. Specify the amount of villagers by adding … 0 [number of villagers] to the end of the punishment
Surround Moves all the entities within 50 blocks to the player
FlamingArrow Fires a flaming arrow at the target. Specify the amount of arrows by adding … 0 [number of arrows] to the end of the punishment
Night Sets the players client time to night, and keeps it there. Does not affect server time
Rewind Makes time run backwards fro the players client, and at 20x speed. Does not affect server time
Dragon Releases the Ender Dragon behind the player (BETA! WARNING!)
Slap Makes the player fly backwards into the nearest object
Lag Makes the player experience imaginary lag: Does not actually make the server lag noticeably
Rotate Turns the player’s view up-side-down
Exblock Makes the next block the player mines explode
Hostile Makes the mobs around the player turn hostile
Mute Prevents the player from being able to chat
Slender Blinds the player and then spawns an enderman that follows them
Drop Makes the player lag out. Server performance is not affected
Anvil Drops an anvil on the players head. Set the damage after the command to 20 to freeze them in place so it definitely hits them
Spam Fills the players chat window with spam
Cage Builds a cage made of anvils around the player
White Turns the users world white (downloads a texture pack to their client)
FakeOp Sends the player a fake “You are now an Op!” message
Popup Makes the player’s inventory popup randomly (good with the repeat commands)
Booty Opens the players inventory… To every other user on the server.
Potato Turns the player into a potato. (For the portal fans out there)
Popular Teleports EVERY PLAYER on the server to the player you specify
Display Traps the player in an unbreakable glass box
Pumpkin Replaces the player’s headgear for a pumpkin
Armour Replaces all the player’s Armour with useless buckets
Hiss Plays a creeper hiss to the player
Tree Surrounds the player with trees
Ambiance Plays ambiance noise to just the player
Maim Stops the player from being able to pick up items
Brittle Next time the player jumps or falls, they die
TNTTrick Surrounds the player with TNT, and makes a hissing noise
TNT Surrounds the player with TNT and ignites it
Fire Surrounds the player with a ring of fire
Squid Drops a squid on the player (Great if you make it re-occuring)
Crash Crashes the player’s client, requiring a restart of their Minecraft
Useless Renames all the player’s items to ‘Useless’
IDTheft Changes the player’s name every time they move
Wrong Renames all the player’s items to the incorrect name
Punishments with special syntax, see ‘Special Syntax’
Chat Same as Chatroll, but put text to say after punishment/username (essentially chatroll, but only once)
Rename Changes the players display name. Specify the new name by adding the players new name to the end of the punishment
Kick Kicks the player with a custom message. Specify the kick message by adding … [Msg] to the end of the punishment.


The Bukkit project page with ALL downloads is available here: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/punishmental/

I HAVE NOW STOPPED DEVELOPING PUNISHMENTAL BECAUSE IT BECAME TOO BUGGY TO MAINTAIN: I started making it when I was 15, and knew little of proper programming practices. I’m now 17 and much wiser. The code I wrote then was horrible, and in order to make it work properly, it would require a total re-write, which would take way to much time. Sorry guys.