Release FAQ

Here’s a list of questions I’ve been asked about functionality

Is it free?

No, you just don’t have to pay to use it. I’ve only had to say that about 8 times. IT. IS. FREE

Are you going to turn it into a game?

I wish! No plans for a game yet, no. After I’ve done this I’m going to deal with a few other projects. If you’re a programmer, feel free to turn it into a game. I’m NOT submitting this to Nintendo OR Microsoft for approval, it would require too much paper work for the two of them to play nicely together. Besides, the fan community always comes up with better things than the companies.

2 Player Support?

Yes. I don’t have a friend crazy enough to test it with me, though, so let me know if it works or not, please :)

Where can I download?

This site. Look in the bar on the left hand side.

Is it limited to just pokemon?

It’s limited to whatever you limit it to. You can model anything in blender and animate it using this. I’ll be bundling it with some samples, it just so happens that they’ll be pokemon.

What About Diglett?

Diglett does have feet, if you do your research. We just never see them. Now stop arguing.

How do I use it?

It depends what you want to use it for. Either way, check out the Video Tutorial, or the Text Tutorial.


Again, Yes

Aren’t you a little young to be combining the products of multiple rival companies inside a single community-based open source non-profit software solution?

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”center” width=”30%”]Yes. Yes I am[/pullquote]