If none of the questions below answer what you have to ask, email me at kinectemon@roestudios.co.uk

How do I connect my Kinect for Xbox 360 to my laptop?

  • Using the mains plug that came with your Kinect, plug the Kinect lead into socket on that lead. Put the other end into a free USB port while Kinectemon is not running. The drivers should install automatically and that’s all you need to do!

How do I run Kinectemon?

  • It’s pretty easy. Download and extract the zip file, then double click the application that says “Kinectemon ALPHA”. It should set-up itself.

How do I run a model?

  • Either Double click on the name of the model in the center list on the left of the Kinectemon user interface, or say “INITIATE” followed by the name of the model.

How do I animate my OWN model?

  • See this tutorial HERE

How do I record the movements I make on my own models?

  • See the bit on ‘record mode’ on the tutorial HERE



Kinectemon isn’t listing my own blender files!

  • First, check you’re not putting the raw blender files into the models directory. The files must end in .exe and not .blend. You need to export them as .exe in blender for them to be usable by Kinectemon
  • Next, Ensure you’re putting them in the correct folder. Start Kinectemon and open the settings. The path shown in under “model executables directory” is where you should be putting your blender executable.

Kinectemon isn’t loading my own blender files!

  • Ensure that the scenes you’re exporting have a camera in them
  • Make sure you’re exporting the blender player runtime as well. When exporting as an exe, check that the boxes at the bottom left of the blender window that say ‘Copy DLLs’ and ‘Copy Python’ are checked.

I’m moving, but my model isn’t!

  • Check that the dots in the black box on the right of the kinectemon window are moving. If they’re not, check that:
    • The Kinect is connected to the computer and has a green flashing light.
    • The Kinect drivers are correctly installed.
    • The Kinect connected indicator (First box on the top left) is green.
    • You are a human, and a reasonable distance (1-2 meters) away from the sensor.
  • Ensure that you have connected the data blocks up in the blender game logic window
  • Ensure you haven’t made an mistakes when copying across the Kinectemon code
  • Ensure the skeleton is parented to the model
  • Ensure the data blocks are set up EXACTLY as below:
    • ALWAYS Sensor
      • True level triggering is ON
      • False level triggering is ON
    • PYTHON condition
      • Module is selected in the left dropdown box
      • The textbox next to the dropdown says Kinectemon.readdata exactly, case sensitive and with no added spaces