Kinectemon is a Kinect-Blender interface that enables Blender artists to pose their models using a Kinect for Xbox 360 and their own bodies. In addition, the system works via the game engine, meaning that blender game programmers can create in-game avatars for their bodies.


The aim is simple: Allow anyone, anywhere, to be able to move their 3D models, without any programming knowlage. It’s not just limited to pokemon: Master Cheif, Bruce Lee, Keyboard Cat… If you can model it, you can animate it using the Kinect. It doesn’t even need to be the Kinect for Windows, it works just fine with the Kinect for Xbox 360. Just plug it into the power supply, connect via the USB and you’re good to go.


NB: ROESTUDIOS / RICHARD L.J. SOWDEN ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGE OR LEGAL RAMIFICATIONS THAT RESULT FROM USING THIS SOFTWARE. Using this software normally is completely legal. I’m not 100% sure if modelling someone else and making them look like they’re doing something is legal or not, though. In other words, If you model Barack Obama and animate him giving Steven Hawking a wedgie using this software, I am so NOT responsible for it. Or anything like that.