MCPhp (MinecraftPhp) is the worlds best interface between a minecraft serer and it’s partner website. Site owners can drop server information (such as online status, number of players online now etc…) into pre-existing webpages – or use any of the template websites that the system comes bundled with – all with minimum effort.

All that is required is a Minecraft server and a pre-existing webhost with PHP and SQL.


  • Website viewers can see server information LIVE.
  • Includes information on Players, Worlds, and Chats
  • Comes with a handy installer!
  • Implementation on pre-existing websites only requires 2 lines of the pre-existing code to be edited
  • If you use one of the supplied templates, then NO CODE EDITING SKILL IS REQUIRED
  • Comes bundled with scripts to aid AJAX retrieval of server information
  • Over 50 server, world and player variables to read!
  • BOOM! Here’s an example server for you to check out too!


There’s a more in depth and illustrated guide here at the Getting Started, but to break it down into the basics, the download (HERE) comes with 2 sides: The Gameserver and Webserver.


Just copy the contents of the Gameserver folder into your Minecraft Server’s plugins folder, and overwrite the plugins/MCPhp/config.yml file with the one provided when you setup the webserver.


  1. Copy the contents of the Webserver folder onto your webserver (Normally using FTP).
  2. Once you’ve done that, just visit the path you uploaded the files to, in  your webbrowser (So, if you uploaded them to, visit, and follow the instructions on the setup page.
  3. Make sure you’ve got an SQL database and user set aside for the site to use, because it’ll ask for those details during setup.
  4. Once you’ve done that, hit the setup button, and MCPhp will make all the required files, including a config file for the gameserver, which needs to be put in the Gameserver’s plugins/MCPhp/ directory.
  5. Start or reload your game server, wait 31 seconds, and hit the GO button on the website.
  6. Sit back and enjoy live server stats, info and chats (or GO HERE to learn how to add theise stats into a website you already have)

Available Variables:

The latest version allows people visiting the website to view:

  • Server Status (OFFLINE/ONLINE)
  • Server Message Of The Day
  • Server IP
  • Maximum amount of players
  • Port Number
  • Mob Spawn Limit
  • Server Name
  • Max View Distance
  • Server Version
  • Availability of
    • The Nether
    • The End
    • Animals
    • Monsters
    • PVP
  • Lag, in
    • Ticks Per Seconds
    • Tick Length
    • Percentage
  • Statistics on Players
    • Number of player’s online
    • Number of unique players on the server
    • Name
    • Display Name
    • Current Level
    • Current IP*
    • Current Health
    • If the player is currently…
      • An Op
      • Sleeping
      • Dead
      • Running
  • Statistics on each world, including
    • Time
    • Weather
    • Amount of Weather remaining
    • Seed
    • Sea Level
    • Max Level
    • Difficulty
    • World Type
    • If the world is PVP
    • Ticks Per Animal Spawn
    • Ticks Per Mob Spawn

Further advice on how to read all those variables onto a page is available in the Reference

Further Reading:

  • Getting Started
  • Users Reference
  • Advanced
  • Troubleshooting


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