642 – Thundurus


Below is a file download and overview for a 3D model of Thundurus. Check you’ve got the right model by checking out the images, and if so, hit the download button below to download all available models as .obj, .x, .stl/.blend in one handy .zip file


Click the button below to download all available 3D models of Thundurus as an .obj, .blend and .x, complete with textures. Theise files are suitable for use in programs like Blender, MikuMikuDance (MMD), Cinema4D (C4D), Maya and many others.

Overall Summery:

Model OK
This file contains at least one model that is fully operational. Details of this download’s valid and invalid models can be seen to the right

Detailed Download Overview*:

This download most likely contains multiple models. You can view the valididity of each one below

File Name Status
P2_Thundurus Model OK


This download contains multiple models. You can preview what each model looks like below. If an image shows a blank square or parts of models, this is due to incorrect automatic camera placement and the model is probably still fine. This is a LOW QUALITY, automatically processed, render. Actual results are better than the ones shown below

3D Model of the pokemon Thundurus for download at ROEStudios.co.uk

3D Model of Thundurus for download at ROEStudios.co.uk.
Preview of P2_Thundurus.obj/.x/.blend

* Model OK – This file is OK, with no detected flaws or problems

Clipping Present – Some parts of the model may have additional vertices, or vertices in the wrong place. This can be fixed easily

Textures Require Adjustement – A texture may be mis-aligned and require re-mapping. This can be done easily in most programs

Model Missing Parts – Parts of this model are missing. You can try and restore them, though this requires modelling ability.

Model Broken – Major parts of the model are broken or destorted. Use only for refrence imaging or tiny part details.

Unable to infer status – Not enough of the model is visible enough to analyse.

Not analysed – This model’s validity has not yet been checked