3D Animal Crossing Models

Project Incomplete
This project is currently not complete: parts of it may not be up-to-standard, or may be missing entirely. Subscribe using the form on the sidebar to stay tuned for any updates.

Nintendo Approved 3D models, extracted from the Animal Crossing games and converted into popular 3D file formats, available for download here. Formats include .obj, .blend and .x, and all models come textured and posed (where applicable), ready for use. Suitable for use in Blender, Cinema4D, AutoCad, MMD and any other standard-issue 3D modelling/animation software.

This repository is currently a Work In Progress. We will be adding more models from the game as we can convert them: We are currently limited as to how fast this can happen by the computer power and man-hours we have disposable. Please choose the type of model you want below (such as the available NPCs, hats, players etc…), then either hit the download button, or click the link for a closer look (including low-quality renders) at what the download contains:



Contains all the pre-designed hats that the user – or NPCs – could buy and wear during the game. This download currently contains 130 hats. Click here to see low-quality images of which hats this contains.


Sorting and rendering in progress


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