Minecraft-Compatable Files Added to Pokémon Models

The upload is complete, the files are ready: I’ve added .schematic files – suitable for Minecraft – to every model in the Pokemon models database:

Each schematic file – Which can now be found in the ‘Minecraft’ folder of each download – comes in 3 flavors: Small, Medium and Large. Small schematic files have a low resolution but the model is quite small, Medium schematic files have a medium resolution, and are fairly big, whereas Large files are at the finest resolution possible without making them too big to import into minecraft.

For comparison, here’s Digglet’s small model:

Download the Digglet 3D model for Minecraft here!

The Digglet 3D model, in it’s Minecraft (.schematic) format

To put it into perspecive on how large, large is, when imported at sea-level, these models will go up to the sky limit, at 254 blocks high. I tried it with the Arceus one, and it’s immense:

Download 3D Pokémon models for minecraft here!

The large Minecraft version of Arceus.