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Minecraft-Compatable Files Added to Pokémon Models

The upload is complete, the files are ready: I’ve added .schematic files – suitable for Minecraft – to every model in the Pokemon models database: Each schematic file – Which can now be found in the ‘Minecraft’ folder of each

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Poképark 2 Models (Bits of Generation 5) Now Ready For Download

I’ve just finished extracting and uploading an additional 81 Models (Consisting of 62 Pokémon, 59 of which are from Gen 5), which are now ready to download as a blend, obj and .x (Compatable with Blender, MikuMikuDance) from the models

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You’re all expecting a MegaPokemon model announcement…

WELL GUESS WHAT!?!??! I’ve added audio to the pokémon models now! Okay, so I know it’s not the announcement that I’ve got the MegaPokemon models, and I know that it’s disappointing, but right now I don’t even have anything official

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More Pokemon Models Added! (And Shinys!)

283 pokemon that previously were not in the 3D Pokemon Models page have been added, and most of the other 201 have been improved to include their shiny state and a convert into the .blend format! So, in other words,

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Pokemon Models Re-vamped

I’ve just fixed all the broken pokemon models that didn’t actually contain anything. I’ve also fixed the textures so now MOST of them should be in the right place. If it’s not (Main body & eyes swapped around etc…), just

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