For every one person that tried to put me down, there were just as many doing the opposite, and giving me a boost. It just wouldn’t be right to not mention them, since without most of them I wouldn’t be who I am today. So I’ve put this little thanks here to let them know that I appreciate the help they’ve given me.

D. Rigby: A great teacher, she inspires inspiration. Forget thinking outside the box, Mrs Rigby teacher taught me that the box didn’t even exist unless we set it ourselves. If it wasn’t for you, Mrs, I wouldn’t have met the people who put me in the job I love today. Thanks!

Tom Hall and Corey Froggat: I walked to school with these two guys, and the only way I could sum them up in one word would be ‘Hilarious’. Not only they were they a great source of entertainment, they were great charector builders and without them I’d still probably be the shy recluse I was then. If you guys would join me on my commute, guys, yeah. That’d be great.

Joseph Taylor: No real reason. He just wouldn’t stop nagging me to be on here. Apparently, he is the “THe AwseomEST”