Why are you called ROEStudios?

It sounds cool. It acronyms well enough that you can use it at the start of words, which makes naming my projects easy. I actually made the logo first, then liked it so much I decided that I should give that psudo-company name to all the stuff I do. A lot of the stuff I do is not exactly 100% legit (hacking models from computer games is illegal in almost all circumstances), but it IS good to have. In other words, it’s a necessary¬†evil. And that, of course, gives us the name Root Of Evil Studios: At core, the stuff we do isn’t evil, but it’s not exactly angelic.

What do you do?

See the projects page. I do ethical computer hacking, engineering/programming projects and 3D modelling.

Who’s involved?

At the moment, it’s just me, TheModerator. But hey, if you’ve got an idea or want to add your project, drop me an email. Your first test can be finding it.