3D Animal Crossing Models

I’m pleased to announce that, a mere hour ago, we added a new project to our site: 3D Animal Crossing Models. Using the same tech we used to dismantle the pokémon games and give you over 500 Nintendo-approved pokemon models, we’ve been able to extract and decrypt the models from various Animal Crossing games and provide them to you – free of charge, of course.

Because of Animal Crossing’s high reliability on Player Generated Content (textures made during runtime etc…), there was an awful lot of data to sift through in order to get to them. It’s down to this that we’ve simply got too many models to organize and package up in order for you to download them easily. Instead, we’ll be phasing the package launches so the moment the next one is ready, it’s put up for download  (instead of you having to wait until they’re ALL ready).

Our first package available to download now is every single pre-made hat, cap, head accessory or generic hair-make-betterer (including feathers) that we could find from the games: in fact, there’s 130 of them ready, right now to download in one handy 17MB zip file. Download THAT badboy on the project’s hats page, check out the main project page HERE, ‘like’ us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, subscribe on Youtube, then go outside and tell your friends in real life!